Oyster card glitch allows Londoners to travel for free across the capital


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Technical glitch: Oyster card
Londoners were today treated to free travel across the capital as Oyster card readers suffered a technical fault.
Barriers were left open at stations around London and buses remained free to use for about three hours due to the problems this morning. 

A Transport for London spokeswoman said the problem was fixed by about 10am.

She said: “This morning’s technical issue with our Oyster Card readers has been resolved. Customers should now touch in and out as normal. Anyone charged a maximum fare due to this issue will get an automatic refund credited to their Oyster card early next week. We apologise for this disruption.”

Contactless bank cards could still be used to pay for journeys.

Londoners took to Twitter to express their delight at having the chance to travel for free on the same day fares increased by an average of one per cent. 

I’m Barry Whyte tweeted: “Free travel in London! The Oyster network is down. If you show an Oyster card you can just walk on/off transport.(Contactless still working)”.
Another user added: “Oyster card readers aren’t working for 16+ so free travel it is.”

And a different user posted: “Free journey on TFL because the Oyster card readers don’t work. Absolutely fantastic. That needs to happen more often”.

Source: Standard