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About Life Plan Services Communications



About Life Plan Services Communications

LifePlan accomplishes the goals below through four areas represented by the acronym ICE TEA. ICE stands for the skills required for Image, Communications, and Etiquette (ICE). The TEA stands for The Ethics Advantage (TEA). We use presentations, workshops, retreats, coaching, and consulting as vehicles to the below goals. Contact us now to start or to “heat up” your “ascent to excellence.” Remember the adage: “Those that fail to plan, plan to fail!” Let us help you have an effective plan.

LifePlan is about the plan in your hand. Everyone wants to be: wildly successful, at the top of the heap, at the top of our game, at the top of the list. This implies that very simple, but difficult, movement “up.” We call it “the ascent.” It is hard work with no way out if you want lasting profitable success and uncompromising excellence. This requires a plan! LifePlan is for individuals and organizations that have made the commitment to and have a passion for the hard work required of “the ascent to excellence.

The path is filled with external, internal, private, and public obstacles designed to separate you from your personal and professional path to success. We help you stay on the path.  LifePlan helps you claim your personal and professional presence not only through conscious effective choices but also through the development of those leader skills required to be a great leader. This is a requirement of an influential, successful, profitable, and happy life, even if the only person you are leading is yourself.

An organization will experience lasting and indisputable success to the extent that its leaders and its emerging leaders (workers not yet in a leadership position have developed their leadership skills, those core skills that influence our relationship with others. LifePlan helps everyone with the core skills – those skills required for influence in our relationships. Since corporate life is made up of the relationships of the individuals that work within it, thus goes the success of the corporation.

Core skills” used to be a given two generations ago, because we were constantly relating to each other on a daily basis. Today core skills are harder to instill because we sometimes relate less to humans than we do to technology. That which we do not relate to tends to lose its significance and we become indifferent to it. If this trend continues in the human realm our endeavors will continue to become less and less successful, because we humans are relational beings. In the end, it is relationships that are vital to getting anything of significance accomplished, whether it is raising a successful, happy child, corporation, or nation.

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Service Plans

Discount Vacation Packages and Cruise Vacations



Discount Vacation Packages and Cruise Vacations

If you like to travel but want to skip the fuss of planning a complex trip, our discount vacation packages present an economical and convenient way to go. If you want your travel even easier, our discount cruise vacations offer an ideal all-in-one vacation choice. Whatever you may be looking for… whether an all-inclusive package or a la carte vacation package deals… our vacation packages site offers a great many options and discount vacation choices, letting you easily tailor a trip to your own preferences and needs.

Vacation Options: The most common discount vacation packages combine airfares and hotel accommodations. Other common combinations are airfare and car rental only, or hotel stay and car rentals without airline tickets.

Accommodations: When you book a travel package, you generally have a choice of hotel options. Typically, the hotels offered in packages are among the bigger and most reputable hotels available at your destination. Our site lets you compare a wide range of hotel specifications and ratings, to help you determine your own preferences before you book.

Action Destinations: Packages are available for major African and European tourist destinations. Resorts and big cities are the most common package destinations. Cruise vacations, of course, are limited to coastal areas.

Top Destinations in Africa

Are you drawn to Africa? If you yearn for landscapes of great grasslands; jungles that are the last refuge of endangered gorillas and chimpanzees; warm oceans washing up on beaches that have seen the ebb and flow of the continent’s fortunes over the centuries; or the beat of Africa’s cities and people today, we can take you to her top destinations.

This incredible continent of contrasts offers the traveler a world of experiences. Whether it’s tracking lions in the savannahs of Kenya, photographing rare birds, sailing between islands on a glimmering, warm ocean, or flying low over a desert landscape where elephants cast the only shadows, somewhere in Africa is the place where your dreams can be realized.

Continent of Contrast

These top destinations in Africa will reveal this continent of contrasts to you. Each has its allure, its culture, and history, its people and wildlife that can be found nowhere else. From the islands of Seychelles to the great plains of the Serengeti, the rhythms of life in the Okavango Delta, and the pulse and vibe of the world’s most beautiful city at the foot of Africa, we bring it all to you. Our Africa country guides will give you a good sense of what traveling in a particular country is all about – its highlights and top experiences.

Inside information that will spark off new interests, as well as what you should be aware of before you get there. The guides will help you make an informed decision about where in Africa you would like to holiday and what there is to experience and do. To put the full package together, consult our Africa safari experts who will design a personalized itinerary around your dreams and requests (as well as those annoying practical considerations such as budget and time) to create an unforgettable African vacation.

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Service Plans

Wireless Internet Service Providers Online Only Offers



Wireless Internet Service Providers Online Only Offers

There are numerous factors to compare with wireless that are identical to the factors you’d compare with any other type of service. To begin, you’ll consider what speed level you need:

Determine Speed Levels

Do you surf the internet every day and engage in heavy bandwidth activities like streaming feature films, downloading music, and playing online games? Choosing the highest speed might be necessary. If you use the internet rarely and typically for activities like checking email or shopping, it may not be worth it to upgrade to a higher speed. Most people will require something a speed somewhere in the middle.

Assessment of Plan Structure

Some factors to consider that are unique to wireless, the most important being the flexibility offered. There are currently numerous options available in wireless:

home internet

on-the-go plans

mobile broadband via wireless cards.

Usage Caps

One difference you’ll see between wireless and options like DSL or cable is that some wireless internet companies will have monthly caps on the amount of data you can access. In some cases, these caps are very high and only affect a very small portion of those using the technology. However, it is essential that you assess any caps that may be in place in order to decide which data plan will work best for you. Be aware of the fees required if you go over your monthly data allotment.


As with most internet options, wireless will require you to purchase or lease new equipment. In most cases, if you purchase the equipment you won’t have to sign a minimum contract. Keep an eye out for specials including 50% off of purchased equipment. If you’re not ready to commit to purchasing a modem or wireless laptop card, you may also have the option to lease equipment – this will usually require a 2-year minimum commitment.

Time to Compare

Next, you’ll compare the current plans and promotions. We’ve compiled comprehensive information on the current promotions that can save you some serious cash on the cost of new equipment, activation, and your monthly fees. Check back often as we update this information as it changes.

Which Wireless Service is Right for You?

There are several advantages to choosing wireless internet, including their fast speeds, large coverage areas, and extensive plan selection. The most important thing to remember as you compare plans is that there isn’t a single plan that works best for everyone. Instead, it’s up to you to use the information we’ve provided to discover what makes the most sense for you. The basic options you’ll have are as follows.

Wireless Home Internet

If you choose this option from Clear Internet, you’ll purchase or rent a modem that requires no installation. It’s as simple as plugging it into your computer’s Ethernet port or your own wireless router. One of the main advantages of this option is its ease of use. No technicians, no installation, and no fee is required to get started.

On-the-Go Internet

While home internet can meet the needs of many, those who want internet access anywhere their laptops go will choose on-the-go internet from Clear. With this option, you’ll purchase or lease a wireless laptop card that is simply inserted into a USB port. You’ll then have instant access to a 4G network. Clear Wireless also offers bundled services, which allow you to purchase any combination of home internet, on-the-go internet, and even unlimited telephone services.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is offered by companies like Verizon and AT&T and uses cellular technology to provide you with a high-speed connection. If you choose this option, you’ll be able to create a mobile hotspot anywhere you receive cell reception. There are several cell companies offering wireless cards, but be sure to work through a trusted and established vendor like Wirefly to find the best deal for you.

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